Review of activity data in the Other-sector - CRF 1A2f, construction and CRF 1A4, Other 1 - Pilot study

In Sweden’s Air Emission Inventory submission 2005 to the UNFCCC, EU (Monitoring Mechanisms) and the CLRTAP, reported emissions from stationary combustion for the years 1990-2003 in CRF 1A2f (Construction) and CRF 1A4 (Other Sectors) - are based on energy statistics from Statistics Sweden. Questions have been raised whether current methodologies for fuel consumption estimates and methods for allocating different fuels on mobile and stationary combustion are in line with the IPCC guidelines.

This study has aimed at exploring the background data, and identifying and documenting their sources and underlying models. Where time series inconsistencies have been identified, thorough investigations on reasons and consequences have been performed. Furthermore, background data has been traced back to its original sources in order to clearly distinguish stationary combustion from mobile combustion.  

Results show that biomass fuel time series for several sectors are inconsistently estimated. Models used to estimated biomass fuel consumption in the Service sector (both public and private) 1990-2000 are in need of revision. Furthermore, biomass fuel in holiday cottages (Residential sector) have not been estimated for the years 1990-2000. 

During the review process, it was discovered that historical activity data (before 2003) in the Inventory were not up-to-date for all years. 

Investigations carried out in this project show that methodologies used for separating activity data in mobile and stationary combustion are in line with the IPCC guidelines.