Update of gasoline consumption and emissions from leisure boats in Sweden 1990-2003 for international reporting

At present, gasoline consumption for gasoline leisure boats in Sweden are assumed to be 1.5 % of the national delivered amounts of gasoline per year, based on a Swedish EPA study in 1992. In 2004, Statistics Sweden performed a telephone survey to about 13 000 persons in order to gain information on the number leisure boats in Sweden 2004 and their usage. Comparisons of gasoline consumption estimation between the two sources, indicates large differences. Three approaches for estimating gasoline consumption 1990-2003 have been applied and presented in this report: Continue with the approximation of 1.5% of the delivered amount per year; assume constant consumption 1990-2004, by extrapolating the results from the 2004 survey; or interpolate the consumption 1990-2004, using 1.5% of the deliveries for 1990 and the survey result for 2004.

Due to lack of evidence of any trend in gasoline consumption between 1990 and 2004, and good quality in the results from the 2004 survey, it is recommended in this report to apply constant consumption 1990-2003, based on the 2004 survey results, for international reporting. Several figures in the report elucidate how the emission level impact on domestic navigation varies depending on approach.  

In addition, gasoline consumption divided on 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines have been estimated for the whole time series 1990-2003, based on information from the two sources.