Revised Method for Estimating Emissions of NMVOC from Solvent and Other Product Use in Sweden

This report describes how a new method for estimating emissions of NMVOC and CO2 from CRF sector 3, Solvent and Other Products Use, has been developed. This consumption-based method with a product related approach consists of two steps:

  1. Data on amounts of solvents and solvent based products produced in, imported to or used inSweden, and exported fromSweden, was derived from the Swedish Product Register at the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate. The information was used for generating quantity time series for emissions of NMVOC and C from activities included in CRF sector 3.
  2. Emission factors were established, considering emission reduction as well as application techniques, and emission time series for NMVOC were calculated. Knowledge of the carbon content of the individual NMVOCs was used for calculation of CO2 emission time series.

This new Swedish method for estimating emissions of NMVOC and CO2 from Solvent and Other Product Use is more transparent, complete and better adapted to its purposes compared to previous methods. The design of the model makes it easy to adjust emission factors and include new years in the time series, which facilitates consistent annual updates of time series in the future.