Review and restructuring of the Swedish NIR and IIR

The primary purpose of the National Inventory Report (NIR) submitted to the UNFCCC and the Informative Inventory Report (IIR) submitted to CLRTAP is to facilitate the inventory review processes in the two conventions. The reports are a complement to the inventory data reported in the CRF or NFR format, with the intention of being transparent enough for the review experts to be able to assess if the inventory fulfills the requirements for reporting.

This report includes suggestions aiming at a better structure and content of the NIR and IIR, ensuring:

  • that the requirements in the UNFCCC Guidelines are fulfilled.
  • that the requirements according to the Monitoring Mechanisms are fulfilled.
  • that the NIR and IIR will be clear, informative and easy to use in the review processes.
  • that the NIR and IIR are structured in a way that the annual update of these reports is facilitated.