PRTR and synergies with other multilateral agreements, EU legal acts and EEA reportings

Swedish Environmental Emissions Data (SMED) has, on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Swedish EPA) compiled an overview of the multilateral agreements, EU legal acts and EEA reports, together with identified similarities and differences between these and the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, i.e. the PRTR Protocol.
Relevant general information regarding each agreement has been collected from the Internet and, based on the summarized information, possible synergies with the PRTR protocol have been analyzed.

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The study shows that there are synergies between regulations that are included in the project and the PRTR. Furthermore, the results also show that even though similarities can be identified, each regulation requires different information and is thus unique.

NV DiVA SMED Report Nr 167 2014