Suggestions for indicators based on emission data from the Swedish PRTR

Ever since the Protocol on PRTR was introduced, the purpose of the Protocol has been to make information on emissions from the industry available to the public, and to try to popularize and communicate existing emissions data. Recently, the EU Commission described its work towards an increased use of PRTR data for policy making and for the public, and the EEA has, in its plan for 2014-2018, expressed the ambition to develop indicators regarding industrial emissions. In Sweden, the Environmental Protection Agency is working with issues regarding the PRTR, and also here public availability of emission data from the PRTR is emphasized and also the need to develop indicators that are based on PRTR data and that relates to the Swedish environmental objective A Non-Toxic Environment.

The present project is based on these ambitions and presents a list of potential indicators that are mostly based on PRTR data. The aim with the project has not been to retrieve data for the indicators, but to give suggestions on which indicators that would be interesting to develop.

NV DiVA SMED Report No 180 2016