Revision of emission factors for electricity generation and district heating

The revised emission factors that are proposed in the current project have a quite large effect on the Swedish national emissions within the public electricity and heat production sector. The emissions are lower for all air pollutants with the new emission factors, in particular for particulate matter, NH3, CO, dioxins, PAH, Se and Zn. For greenhouse gases, emissions of CH4 and N2O are much lower, however, CO2 emissions are slightly higher for the last year. In total there is a small decrease for the whole time series in greenhouse gas emissions expressed as CO2 equivalents.

Many of the current emission factors that are used within the energy sector for the Swedish emission inventory were last reviewed and updated more than ten years ago. Since then, much more measurement data has become available that can serve as a basis to update the emission factors. In addition, technology development during the last ten years have in many cases led to reduced emissions, which needs to be reflected in the Swedish air emission reporting.

Within the current project, all national emission factors for the public electricity and heat production sector, with the exception of CO2, have been reviewed. Only CO2 from waste incineration has been included in the review. In cases where new data and information have motivated a change of emission factors, revised factors have been proposed for the year 2015 as well as for historic years from 1990. For revised emission factors, corresponding emission factors for scenarios and uncertainty estimates have been adjusted.

NV DiVA SMED Report Nr 194 2016